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Melissa McCarthy will host 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend

A GIF of Sean Spicer photoshopped as Homer Simpson disappearing into the bushes went viral this week

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From the firing of former FBI Director James Comey to the return of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, this has been one of the busiest (and arguably craziest) weeks in US politics in a long time.

So naturally, the Internet had a lot to say about the week that seemingly would never end. Here’s a round-up of the best politics-related memes, GIFs and tweets we’ve seen circling the World Wide Web this week.

1. Spicer in the bushes

Spicer returned to the White House podium Friday to finally answer questions about Comey’s firing. But where was he on Tuesday?

Well, the spokesman was hidden “among” – not IN – “the bushes” out of sight of nearby TV reporters.

The news of Spicer’s whereabouts immediately sparked tons of GIFs, most notably a photoshopped GIF of Spicer’s head on cartoon character Homer Simpson’s as he slowly backs into the bushes to avoid discovery.

One person took it a step farther and created a “Garden Spicer” tutorial – aka a way for people to make their very own Spicer lawn ornaments for their bushes.

2. Spicer Melissa McCarthy rolling into ‘Saturday Night Live’

What a week for McCarthy to host “Saturday Night Live.” The actor has become a common guest this season on the late-night show, after mastering her portrayal of Spicer behind the podium.

All week, McCarthy has been teasing tidbits of what to expect when she tackles the hosting gig – and unsurprisingly there will be a lot of Spicer.

On Friday, countless people in New York City – including a ton of CNN employees – spotted McCarthy segwaying around the street (just outside CNN’s office) with a podium in full Spicer hair, make-up and wardrobe.

3. The viral eyeroll

After a brief period of absence from TV – one noted by “Saturday Night Live” in a recent sketch – White House counselor Kellyanne Conway found herself back in the limelight and talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday following Comey’s firing.

During the interview, Cooper showed Conway several clips of Trump praising Comey for re-opening the investigation into former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Conway wasn’t too pleased. She called the clips “irrelevant,” and said, “thanks for the trip down memory lane.”

Cooper’s response: An eyeroll, one that inspired many GIFs. CNN’s Chris Cillizza even wrote a story around the moment, with the headline “Anderson Cooper’s eyeroll is all of us right now.

4. Comey’s Hollywood close-up

Comey heard about his firing like a lot of other people: by watching TV. The now-former official was in Los Angeles for a recruiting event, which ended up getting canceled.

The event was expected to take place at a theater on Sunset Boulevard. But since it was canceled, Comey ended up heading to LAX a little early, inconveniently during rush hour on the 405, the busiest freeway in the city.

Fox 11 Los Angeles aired footage from its chopper of Comey’s motorcade en route to to the airport.

Twitter immediately erupted with L.A. jokes and comparisons to the famous O.J. Simpson “white Bronco” chase.

5. Marlon Bundo’s White House debut

Before news of Comey’s firing broke the internet, the White House was busy introducing a new member of its family.

Vice President Mike Pence, second lady Karen Pence, Ivanka Trump and national security adviser H.R. McMaster were “upstaged” Tuesday CNN’s Betsy Klein reported, by a bunny.

Introducing Marlon Bundo, the first ever “BOTUS,” aka Bunny of the United States.

The event, held at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, honored military families. But it also served as Marlon Bundo’s debut.

“Marlon is kind of famous because he is the first bunny to ever ride on Air Force Two. And we love Marlon. He’s named Marlon Bundo because he’s named after a famous movie star, Marlon Brando, and because my daughter got him when she was making a movie in college, and she needed a bunny to be the star. So Marlon – this notoriety is nothing new for him,” the second lady said.

In case you were wondering: Marlon Bundo does indeed have an official Instagram page.